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1.  Will you protect my carpets and furniture?

We politely request that furniture/breakables are cleared or moved from the work areas. Please let us know if you require assisstance to move furniture items. By prior discussion with the Ace-tek Uk office, our staff may offer to help move certain items of furniture. However whilst Ace-Tek Uk make every effort to protect furniture, Carpets etc. with dustsheets and polythene, Ace-Tek Uk cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any item within the work areas. It would be most helpful if you could ensure that Sky, Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Television and Computer equipment etc. is disconnected and moved from areas that we are to be working in. We cannot accept responsibility for disconnecting computer, Hi-fi, home cinema, Sky and Television equipment. Should you be unable to do so, please discuss this with the surveyor at the time of survey.  

2.  Why do we have to move the furniture?

Ace-Tek UK Ltd wants to complete the work to your property as efficiently and cleanly as possible. To make this achievable, the rooms should be as clear as possible giving the tradesmen the optimum access to complete the work to your property competently and to a high quality. By asking you the policyholder to remove the furniture prior to our attendance, means the tradesmen have more time to complete the work upon their arrival.

We also have tradesmen health and safety obligations to meet, in terms of heavy lifting. By requesting you relocate your furniture significantly reduces the risk of damage to furniture items during our works.


3.  Am I responsible for getting my leak repaired prior to works commencing?

Yes the policy holder is normally responsible for sourcing and repairing any leaks etc. prior to insurance works commencing. However you may be covered for this service within your insurance policy, therefore it is important that you check what insurance cover you have.

4.  Can I pay my Policy Excess at the time of the survey?

Ace-Tek UK Ltd will not request payment of your policy excess until your claim has been approved. On rare occasions some claims may not be approved by the broker as an insurance claim.

5. When do I have to pay my Insurance Policy Excess?

On approval of your insurance claim you will be expected to pay any insurance policy excess prior to any start/finish dates being given and commencement of works.

6.  Is the claim authorised yet, when will you be coming to do the work?

When we receive the authority to carry out the repairs to your property, the claims team will contact you directly to advise as such. The start date will depend on the size of your claim, delivery times on materials required to carry out the work, along with the payment of any necessary excess payments. The first available start date will be offered to you, timescales and job durations will be discussed with you once the authority has been received.


7.  Are you replacing carpets & curtains?


Maintenance deals with Building Insurance only. Carpets and curtains are classed as Contents items and should therefore be discussed with the broker dealing with your contents claim.



8.  Why do you test Artex for asbestos content?

Health and Safety Legislation now states that all artex predating 1999 should be tested for asbestos content. This is due to minimal amounts of asbestos being added to the Artex compound. Please do not be concerned as any Asbestos additives are minute and the vast majority of tests carried out return negative.

9.  What happens if the Artex tests positive for Asbestos?

Both the client and yourselves will be notified of the result, we will then refer to our Asbestos removal specialists who will quote to remove and dispose of the artex safely. These costs will be referred onto the insurance company for approval; this may mean a short delay in works commencing. Once the cost has been approved, the removal specialists will be appointed to remove and dispose of the artex safely.  Reinstatement works by our tradesmen can then follow.

10.  How long will my claim take to authorise?

It is impossible to give an exact timescale as each claim is based upon its own merit. Timescales can be dependent on the size of the claim and the client involved. Larger claims that are referred to Loss adjusters, generally take longer to authorise than smaller claims that fall within a certain limit delegated by the client. The surveyor will collate his report and pass this onto the administration team to process and send to the client, this takes a couple of days. It is then up to your insurance company to authorise the claim. Rest assured that our administration team is proactive in chasing the client for the authority on your claim at regular intervals.

11.  How long will the work take?

This again depends on the size and type of claim, along with the availability of tradesmen and materials required.  Each instruction is booked upon its own merit; the claims team will happily discuss timescales with you on receiving the claim authority.

12.  I leave for work at 7am; will your workmen arrive before this time?

Due to traveling time and the large geographical area we cover, Ace-Tek UK cannot guarantee to be at your property for such an early appointment. Access arrangements can be discussed with you at the point of booking in tradesmen.

13.  Why have some works not been authorised and why is the woodwork not authorised to be repainted when the rest of the decoration is?

We cannot guarantee that woodwork will be covered under your insurance claim; this is because many insurance companies believe that woodwork cannot be significantly damaged by most insurance perils.
We will include the cost of decorating the woodwork on most claims, however it is up to
the client’s discretion to authorise this. We will notify you in advance if the woodwork is not covered under your insurance claim as will any works not approved. You will be informed of the works authorised to be carried out before works commence.     

14.  Do I have to buy the materials?

You will be given two options when discussing materials. All materials are allocated an allowance. The policyholder is given the option to purchase the goods themselves, keeping the receipt in order that we may reimburse you. Alternatively you can forward all relevant details to Ace-Tek UK in respect of your replacement materials. The Contracts Manager will advise you on the allowance for the materials. The allowance is normally around the value you paid initially, together with obtaining all the relevant barcode details etc. Ace-Tek UK will purchase all the materials on your behalf and guarantee their delivery to our warehouse. A mandate will be requested to be signed for all the materials chosen by the policy holder.

15.  Why can you not start work until a dryness certificate is received?

An approved drying company will be appointed by Homeserve to properties significantly damaged by water; these properties can often take a long time to dry out sufficiently.
By waiting for a drying certificate we have the assurance that the property has been dried out to its pre loss condition and is therefore safe to reinstate. Plaster and decorations can be significantly damaged should they be applied before a property is declared dry.

16.  Can you carry out work on a private basis in conjunction with my Insurance claim?

Yes, Ace-Tek UK would be happy to quote for additional repairs on a private basis, please do not hesitate to notify the surveyor at the point of survey, in order that he can report on the additional work and provide costings to you in a timely fashion. Alternatively please advise the claims team, who can arrange for a quotation to be drawn up for you.

 If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08708 034249.

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