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When carrying out work for our customers always remember that you are a guest in their home and that the following code of conduct and good practice must be observed.


Dress Appropriately (Ace-Tek Uk Ltd’s uniform should be worn at all times)

  • Keep your appointments and always contact the customer if you are going to be later than argeed
  • Show your identity card and ask for permission to enter the customers home
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Explain to the customer what you have come to do
  • Treat the customer’s home and property with respect
  • Do your work in a safe manner and consider the safety of others
  • Wear overshoes or ensure dust sheets are used and clean up afterwards
  • Explain to the customer and your supervisor of any accidental damage caused to the customer’s property
  • Explain to the customer what, if anything, will happen when your work is completed
  • Ensure equality and fairness by being sensitive to other people’s culture and the needs of vulnerable groups such as the elderly or disabled
  • Drive with due care and attention
  • Keep your vehicle clean, tidy, safe and secure


Use the customer’s electricity, water, toilet or any other property without permission

  • Smoke in a customers home
  • Enter into arguments or respond to abuse. Leave immediately and report the incident to your supervisor
  • Park your vehicle on a grass verge
  • Use personal Radio's
  • Leave materials/equipment unattended

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