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  1. Your Insurance Company sends us a new instruction of a claim
  1. Your Insurance company appoints a loss adjuster or a technical advisor who produce a specification or a schedule of works instructing Ace-Tek Uk of the repairs as a result of your recent damage
  1. Ace-Tek UK makes contact with the policyholder to arrange a survey appointment
  1. Our surveyor visits the policyholder’s home to assess the damage and take photographs
  1. A schedule of works is written up at the office based on the loss adjuster or technical advisors instructions, together with our own site findings.
  1. An estimate is submitted to your insurance company
  1. Ace-Tek UK awaits authorization of the estimate from your Insurance Company. A claim CANNOT proceed until your Insurance Company authorizes for the works to be done
  1. Ace-Tek Uk receive authorization from your Insurance Company
  1. Ace-Tek UK call the policyholder to advise them authority has been received and to inform them of the necessary policy excess which needs to be paid prior to works commencing.
  1. The Contracts Manager will discuss the schedule of works and discuss the materials that need to be chosen/purchased
  1. The Contracts Manager will contact the policyholder to book start dates, together with answering any queries the policyholder may have.
  1. Tradesmen attend to undertake works on agreed dates.
  1. Works are completed and the policyholder is asked to sign a completion notice
  1. The Contracts Manager contacts the policyholder during the works to ensure everything is going well and if any items are outstanding etc. If there are any snagging items these are booked in with the policyholder to be completed
  1. An invoice for the works is submitted to your Insurance Company and the job is closed down.

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